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  • Beyond Classroom Walls (Study book)


    BUY NOW Want more from the classroom? You sure can get it. Education in its truest sense is not only about academic work but in the preparation of well-rounded young people with a leadership mindset for the future. Education must address the total development of unique skills and capabilities for the realization of an individual’s […]

  • Daily Academic Declaration


    BUY NOW Words are powerful and should be used deliberately and intentionally. As a student, you can avoid speaking dispiriting and discouraging words and stop the negative voices of others to linger too. With this book, you can speak your way through your day and achieve maximum results! Wake up every morning with excitement and […]

  • Kids Can Entrepreneur Too!


    BUY NOW Did you know that the word ‘Entrepreneur’ was derived from an old French word ‘Entreprendre’ which means an undertaker or adventurer? This book explores the skills that makes one a successful entrepreneur (adventurer) in a simple and easy to remember acronym – E.N.T.R.E.P.R.E.N.E.U.R WHAT’S INSIDE? Fun short stories about different entrepreneurs and ‘kidpreneurs’ […]

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    Super Study Skills for Super Achieving Students (Study book)

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    BUY NOW Grades F to A? Very Possible. Get your child achieving fantastic grades this new term/year.   Have you been thinking of ways to get your child’s grade better than it was last term/year?   Have you been trying to make studying more fun and productive?   Have you tried lesson teachers and it […]

  • Super Study Skills for Super Achieving Students (Workbook)


    BUY NOW This is the Workbook of the book titled, ‘Super Study Skills for Super-Achieving Students’ which is meant to support and strengthen the concepts gleaned from the book. In this simple to use and action-oriented workbook, Yejide creates templates and activities that can help your child develop new habits to enable them to achieve super grades […]

  • When I Grow Up, I want To Be A… (For Junior & Senior High School School Student)


    BUY NOW Building a career around the type of work that you are passionate about and genuinely enjoy is immensely powerful and fulfilling. Success comes much easier when you have a strong passion for whatever your hands find to do. A sneak peep into the life of Michelangelo in the book chapters will unravel how […]

  • When I grow up, I want to be a… choosing a career you love and enjoy (Study, Colouring + Activity book for Age 3+)


    BUY NOW Choosing a career is most certainly the furthest thing from your child’s mind. They are probably more concerned about games, friends, grades, sports and some other interests as they should be – which is okay. However, many children are also only aware of a small number of occupations to which they are exposed […]