Choosing a career is certainly the furthest thing on a child’s mind. They are more interested in games, friends, cartoons, sports and other interests. For many children, the only few career options they are exposed to are whatever it is their parents or relatives do such as Doctor, Lawyer or engineer, however getting an early start is the best way to explore the very many career options available.

Studies show that although pre-schoolers might not know how to tie their school laces, they sure know how to handle electronic gadgets and understand high-level information above and beyond what we might expect them to. For us, EARLY is important hence the aim is to create early career awareness and address gender stereotyping using various materials and workshops to engage both parents and their children.

A comment from a Dad reads;

“When my 3-year-old daughter received her 3rd tea set and only dreamed of being a fairy or a princess, I realised we might unwittingly be limiting her options by exposing her only to ‘Pink girl toys’. I wondered if we should introduce some ‘boy’s toys’ as well as I really wonder what she would be when she grows up”

Although working with a 3-year-old might be highly ambitious, our aim is to expose children aged 8-14 years (Key Stages 2 and 3) to various career options using our online resources and our study, colouring and activity books by helping them aware of the various career options, identify and focus on their competencies, skills/abilities and help them match their skills with these career options.

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