An innovative education company aiming to extend the frontiers of classroom learning.
Learning beyond borders
An innovative education company aiming to extend the frontiers of classroom learning.
Learning beyond borders.


An innovative education company aiming to extend the frontiers of classroom learning.
Learning beyond borders
An innovative education company aiming to extend the frontiers of classroom learning.
Learning beyond borders.


An innovative initiative introducing children to the basics of entrepreneurship.



A forum to raise early career awareness for children in Primary schools.



Tailored consultations to meets your child’s educational needs supported with various learning resources.

Who we are?

Eduspace is an innovative education company aiming to extend the frontiers of classroom learning

We believe that education in its truest sense is not about academic work or examination results but about the preparation of well-rounded individuals set to live purpose-filled lives as responsible, successful and productive adults within the society. More can be gleaned beyond the four walls of a classroom – soft skills, life skills, leadership skills and the likes. The Pathway to being that shining and exceptional student in this present competitive age lies beyond classroom walls.

In our effort to explore ‘beyond classroom walls’ learning, we focus on the following with the acronym L.E.A.P….

L – Leadership

E – Entrepreneurship & Life Skills Development

A – Academic and Career Excellence

P – Purposeful living and Community Engagement

What we offer?


The Kidpreneur Klub is a registered trademark of Eduspace Limited. It is an innovative initiative run as an after-school club in primary schools. It introduces children aged 7-11 into the world of business through hands on skills sessions, workbooks and a fun atmosphere.

The Kidpreneur Klub embraces talents and skills that teachers in conformist classrooms might otherwise criticise. In an age where children need a level of resilience to cope with life’s challenges, entrepreneurship education has the likelihood to encourage a higher level of social and emotional wellbeing as well as teach personality traits and characteristic that children should be aiming to hone such as grit, tenacity, curiosity, problem solving and above all self-belief. We are out to discover and encourage a next ‘Richard Branson’ who might not necessarily like school work but look forward to an after-school club where he or she can channel their energies appropriately.

After-school Club

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Choosing a career is certainly the furthest thing on a child’s mind. They are more interested in games, friends, cartoons, sports and other interests. For many children, the only few career options they are exposed to are whatever it is their parents or relatives do such as Doctor, Lawyer or engineer, however getting an early start is the best way to explore the very many career options available.

Studies show that although pre-schoolers might not know how to tie their school laces, they sure know how to handle electronic gadgets and understand high-level information above and beyond what we might expect them to. For us, EARLY is important hence the aim is to create early career awareness and address gender stereotyping using various materials and workshops to engage both parents and their children.

Read more and order a copy of our books.


Eduspace Advisory is dedicated to helping Student (and their Parents) achieve their educational dreams and objective by delivering tailor-made consultancy service that addresses their individual needs.

We offer:

1.        Pre-College/University Advisory: This includes Career Planning & Mapping, College Selection and Placements in line with student’s age, Parent’s budget or concerns, desired course of study and destination (U.S.A, U.K, Canada and Australia). We also offer Law and Medical School Advise and Guardianship Services.

2.       In College/University Advisory: This includes maximizing college and college opportunities through our resources and publications. We emphasize that students need to be ‘Depth-Minded’ not only ‘Degree-Minded’ thereby differentiating themselves from the crowd through the experiences they have and the knowledge and skills they learn along the way. Check out our varied resources in our SHOP.

 3.       Post Study Work/Extension Visa Advisory: Ranging from Tier 2, 4, Start Up, Innovators or Global Talent Visa, we are well able to advise accordingly and recommend Lawyers where necessary to extend your stay however desired.




Team Lead

Yejide Akiode is an Educationist, Life Coach and a DBS checked certified trainer with 13 years’ breadth of engagement in youth education and a huge supporter of social mobility. She set up a social enterprise in 2006 and a commercial business in 2010 in Nigeria. Her area of expertise is in Youth Training Programme design and delivery as well as education advisory services.

Yejide says, “As a child, I never knew I had the qualities of an Entrepreneur. The only quality I knew I had was that I was self-driven but didn’t think much of it. Now that I am much older, I realized that ‘that’ has been a major reason for my success in business. I have also been trained in various capacities and hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Distinction from Surrey Business School, University of Surrey. When I discovered that an Entrepreneur is 5% born (with innate abilities) and 95% made (through training and life experiences), I started this campaign of letting kids discover and appreciate the latent talents and innate abilities they have but are quite often not acknowledged or celebrated. I also discovered that skills such as problem solving, time management, resilience/staying power and self-leadership are qualities that can be developed along the way”

Yejide is also highly achievement-oriented in both her professional and personal live as she has authored several social mobility enhancing books for school-age pupils, some of which are used by primary and secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria as part of their extra-curriculum textbooks. She has also won awards acknowledging her work in raising future leaders.

Eduspace Foundation

According to Chaos Theory, the tiny flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause a cyclone on the other side of the world. This is how we think about our work at Eduspace.

Because social mobility and educational advancement are at the core of what we do, a large percentage of our profits and well-meaning donations go to running FREE sessions with Primary school children from low-income backgrounds. We also extend this gesture to facilitating entrepreneurship and leadership development programmes for students in Public Primary/Secondary Schools in Nigeria and other African countries as well.

You too can be a part of this butterfly effect…


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